SESSION 2021-2022

Greetings from Team SPEC! Tired of the monotony of staying stuck at your home and looking for something intellectually stimulating to do? Wishing to add certain skills to your resume? Well, we have just the right thing for your techno-savvy mind!
Electrothon in collaboration with @cipherschools brings for you a workshop on Competitive Coding and Data Structures. Brace yourself for an exhilarating session with Mr Arun Kudiyal, Subject Matter Expert at Apple and Head, Web-D at Cipher Schools who will help you gain the essence of competitive coding. Prime yourself for proficiency and let the technical fervour escalate!

Competetive Programming


“Smart work over hard over.” We all know that a young branch takes on all the bends that are given to it. Hence, it is necessary that proper guidance is provided to channelise the energy of the student in a much more efficient way.
Team SPEC is back with another enlightening session to give a boost to your career and college life. Tune in for a webinar on Placement Preparation by Mr Rahul Singla, mentor at GeeksforGeeks. Gear up to gain insight into the technicalities and intricacies of placement process. Join us on 6th February at 11:00 AM for getting all your doubts regarding the same resolved.
Till then, keep the technical fervour escalated!

Placement Preparation


Greetings from Team SPEC!!✨✨
After a long wait for the colleges to start, both the technical fever and spirits must be high as you begin your journey of engineering. Are you wondering about how the technology works? Do you wonder how you can make smoke detectors? How your lights can be turned on with a single click from your phone? Can you build one? Yes, you can! Here we are to teach you all about it! So buckle up, as you get ready to dive into this journey!
Team SPEC welcomes you to the first and the foremost workshop of Arduino for IoT where we will teach you the basics along with a hands-on experience for building your project. Amazing right !! Ready for your very first project?

Arduino for IoT


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